Universal Children’s Day 2016

Universal Childrens Day

Photo credit: Zerene Haddad / Jesuit Refugee Service

Sunday 20th November is Universal Children’s Day, dedicated to promoting the rights of the child. Pope Francis has launched an appeal “to the conscience of all, institutions and families, that children always be protected and their wellbeing safeguarded, so that they never fall prey to forms of slavery, recruitment for armed groups, and maltreatment.”

Can we stick to our Christian beliefs?

Gerry Clarke SJ

Family and friends of deceased Irish Jesuit missionaries gathered for the annual mass on Sunday 6th November held by the Irish Jesuit Missions. This year Fr John Guiney SJ was not present due to his commitments to the General Congregation 36 meetings in Rome. Fr Gerry Clarke SJ, the Parish Priest at St Francis Xavier’s Church in Gardiner Street, Dublin, threw out a challenge to the congregation in the following homily.

Annual Memorial Mass 2016 for deceased Irish missionaries

candle ceremony

A large group of family and friends of deceased Jesuit Missionaries gathered for our annual Mass on Sunday 6th November. This year Fr John Guiney SJ was unable to be present due to his commitments to the General Congregation 36 meetings in Rome. Fr John was present in spirit and his greeting was read out. He updated all on the proceedings in Rome and wrote:“ The most important part of the experience is to meet 214 other companions from all over the world—from India, Latin America, China, South East Asia, Africa, North America and Europe.

‘No discrimination by passport’: the Jesuits in Jordan

JRS Teacher Amman Education
Maysaloun, a teacher at the JRS school, on the balcony of the school, nestled in amongst a high density suburb. Teachers like her are invaluable to the development of the school. Hailing from Iraq, she is currently awaiting resettlement, hopefully to Australia. (Dominik Asbach/JRS)

At the Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM) programme in Amman, Jordan, the Jesuit Refugee Service operates a ‘no discrimination by passport’ approach. It serves all refugees equally whether from Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan or Syria.

Pope Francis warms the hearts of Jesuits in Rome

Pope Francis and Fr Arturo Sosa

Pope Francis visits delegates at the Jesuit General Congregation 36.Image:CNS/Itua Egbor SJ 

Fr John K Guiney SJ blogs about a very special visitor at the Jesuit General Congregation in Rome on 24th October.

His very presence was a grace

It was a special day on Monday when Pope Francis joined the international Jesuit General Assembly (GC36) in Rome in prayer. He then gave an input and received questions from the members for over two hours. His very presence was a grace and his input, published in many languages, was inspiring.

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