Xavier Jesuit School

The school’s educational goal is to empower young students through the development of their intelligence and knowledge with free inquiry and the use of reason as the means to respond to the wonder of God’s creation. The aim is to form young people of conscience who are competent, compassionate and committed to the service of others especially people living in poverty.

Even though the schools are Catholic and Jesuit in identity, most of the children come from Buddhist families. Eight trees grow in the ‘sacred circle’ at the centre of the school site. This ‘sacred circle’ is a place of silence, peace and quiet at the centre of our education project. Jesuits, staff, donors and volunteers are helping the Xavier Jesuit School Project to grow quietly and firmly.

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Cambodia: Buddhist and Christian approaches

xavier jesuit school Sisophon

Fr Ashley Evans SJ was on leave in Ireland during the summer and updated the Irish Jesuit Missions office on the Xavier Jesuit School project in Sisophon, Cambodia. He has been ably assisted there by Deirdre Ryan, a volunteer from Dublin. The aim of the project is to serve young Cambodians who are most in need of a quality education.

Cambodia: the Xavier School Project

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Deirdre Ryan from Dublin is working as a volunteer in Cambodia. She writes about her new life at the Xavier Jesuit Project, Cambodia.

In May 2015 I made the decision to volunteer overseas. I applied for a placement through Viatores Christi (VC), with no particular destination in mind. I did however, have a wish list.

I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and experience a new culture. I wanted to be challenged. I wanted to be engaged in work I found meaningful and worthwhile. I also wanted to work with people who have not had the same opportunities I have had and by my presence hopefully contribute to positive change.

Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia



Construction has now begun in Xavier Jesuit School in Cambodia.  On the 3rd of June, Br. Ham Toeun brought Fr. Ashley to check the progress of the road construction, land-fill, pond-digging and placement of boundary poles. 

The New Jesuit School in Cambodia

Fr. Ashley Evans S.J. has been sent to Sisophon, a remote town in the North-West of Cambodia to start a new Jesuit school there.  He has spent the last twenty years teaching at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and thirteen years running the Catholic Church Student Centre of Phnom Penh.  The Jesuit and their partners on mission in Cambodia now believe that the education and formation of the young people is the top priority for the country and the Church.  Sisophon was chosen because of the large number of vulnerable youth growing up there close to the border with Thailand.

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