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INvesting in peace through education

Civil War in South Sudan

The war in South Sudan has made stability and security hard to find. It has forced families to flee from their homes and villages, leaving behind possessions and abandoning their crops, causing food shortages and entrenching poverty in an already vulnerable place.

The conflict which began as a divide between the Dinka and Nuer people, has fragmented in the years since into more chaotic, inter-clan fighting. Increasing the level of education in the country, where three-quarters of people are illiterate, would foster skills of dialogue, communication and negotiation which are important to building a lasting peace.

Education and girls

The subject of girls’ education is now, rightfully, getting the attention it deserves, such as in the JRS campaign Make Room For Her, which highlights the challenges girls face in accessing schooling, especially in poor communities and refugee settlements. In South Sudan, the obstacles that girls meet are even greater, and the need to overcome them more important. Education for girls helps them to escape being married off as children so that their families can receive a dowry payment in cattle.

Education and boys

Boys are equally vulnerable to the stresses and difficulties of living in a conflict zone, and education also offers them an alternative to this. They are vulnerable to conscription into armed gangs, where they could at least feel assured that they would have food to eat and a purpose. Attending school provides them with better options for their future, and the chance of a sustainable, stable job. But more importantly, as those who hold the positions of power in this traditional society, it is vital to educate the future generation of men to enable them to find a peaceful resolution to conflict.

Investing in the Future

Supporting the education of the next generation in South Sudan is investing in a peaceful, sustainable future. Your donation will affect the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world as they struggle to escape the cycle of violence and poverty.

upport an ex child-soldier to go to school in Loyola Jesuit School in Wau, South Sudan.
Wau South Sudan has lived 25 years of bitter war and the Jesuit secondary school has reopened its doors to receive over 300 students back to the classroom. Their ages range from 14 -35 and all of them have one thing in common they have seen the suffering of war, some were child soldiers and all of them are thirsting to get education, get a job and begin to build their life all over again.
The Irish Jesuit mission is supporting the rebuilding of the school after it was occupied by the army for many years.  Bullet holes mark the wall, the headmaster’s office was a torture chamber for the army, all has changed in peace time and it is wonderful to see almost 300 boys and girls sit in the rebuilt classrooms.  In the next two years over 1000 students will receive places in this school with the support of our friends.
The renovation of the classrooms is finished but many students and applicants for places cannot afford to buy a school uniform, buy pens,  copybooks or pay the minimum school fees.
€ 100 will help one student to go to school for one year. Your contribution of even € 1 will make a big difference.
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