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  • Ethical Commitment to Donors
    The Irish Jesuit Missions is indebted to the donors who have made such a generous contribution to its charitable works.

    We make the following commitment to our donors:

    •    All contributions received by post or by hand are formally acknowledged by the Director Fr. John K. Guiney S.J.
    •    Donations made for a specific purpose will be used only for that purpose.

    •    Our Staff is instructed to conduct themselves integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.  They will act at all times openly and in such a manner that donors are not misled.

    Donor’s Wishes:
    •    We will not supply your name, address or other personal details to any third party without your written permission.
    •    Standing orders will be cancelled if you wish to do so.
    •    Upon request, any personal information will be removed from our database.
    •    If you do not wish to receive literature from us, we will respect that.
    •    Any complaint or query from a donor will be dealt with promptly.

    •    Our accounts are audited by a firm of accountants.

    •    We aim to keep our donors informed of the work of the missions by updating our website regularly and mailing Newsletters at least twice a year.
    •    Donors can request information on specific projects and we will aim to deliver that information within a reasonable timeframe.
    •    We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.
    •    We are a Registered Charity - Registration Number: CHY 19577. In Northern Ireland, Trust Number: XR302213
  • •We do not discriminate in any business relationship on the basis of gender, age, marital status, race, religion or nationality.

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