Xavier Network Meeting in Rome

Xavier Network
John Guiney SJ, Director of Irish Jesuit Missions and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice was in Rome earlier in the month at a meeting of representatives of organisations which comprise the Xavier Network.

The group of 13 Jesuit Mission offices and NGOs from Europe, Canada and Australia were discussing responses to emergencies in Nepal, the Philippines and Haiti as well as the progress of the Fe y Alegria [a movement for integral popular education and social promotion] organisation in Africa.

Another issue, that is of vital importance to the group and already forms a core part of the strategy in Jesuit organisations is that of child safeguarding. The Child Protection Policies which are in place in the institutions present at the meeting, and with collaborative partners were analysed with the network’s Consultant on Child Protection.

The Xavier Network also discussed its global shared projects, including the 'Amazon Ecology and Education Project'. Members of the group clearly recognise that when its members collaborate in service to the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the world, it is more effective in transforming lives. They also met with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) International organisation to discuss its work.

A Condition of Gratitude

Tony ORiordan
Fr Tony O'Riordan SJ

Tony O'Riordan SJ is travelling to South Sudan next week, to take over as Project Director of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Maban.

The refugee settlement that he will be based in is one of the most remote in the world, in a country that is in embroiled in an ongoing violent conflict between tribes and whose people are enduring food scarcity and poverty. Tony sees an important part of his job as fulfilling the Jesuit role of promoting reconciliation among people to the region, which may make a contribution to peace.

St Mary’s Community School Water Project

Matero Students collecting water
St Mary Community School, Matero, Zambia

Water is still one of the biggest problems in many Zambian communities. Most communities and schools in Zambia still drink unsafe and untreated water mostly from dug up wells or untreated boreholes. St Mary’s Mother of the Redeemer community school in Matero, which has 570 vulnerable and orphaned pupils was in the past affected by a lack of clean water and proper sanitation. There was just one water tap at the school to provide water to the pupils and 13 staff members, as well as people from nearby houses, exposing them to the risk of the deadly disease cholera.

Three Decades of Healing in China

Fr Luis Ruiz and Fernando Azpiroz sj
Fr Luis Ruis and Fr Fernando Azpiroz SJ

Thirty years ago, Fr Luis Ruiz, had his first encounter with a community of persons affected by leprosy in Taikam island, Guangdong Province China. Moved by their terrible situation, he decided to work together with local governments and church communities to change the conditions of leprosy patients. This was the beginning of Ricci Social Services, a Jesuit network created by him to bring relief, dignity and social justice to the poor and marginalised people in Mainland China and Macau.

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