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Human Trafficking – Facts

Every year human beings are bought and sold for labour, sexual exploitation and human organs. The International Labour Organisation estimates that there are just over 40 million victims of human trafficking world-wide. This image outlines some facts about human trafficking in our world today.

human beings

Human Trafficking – Definition

In its simplest form, human trafficking is the ‘recruitment, transportation, harbouring or purchase of persons for the sole purpose of exploitation’. This image presents this definition as outlined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime



How Human Trafficking Works

This image explores the United Nation’s definition on Human Trafficking by unpacking the key concepts of recruitment, transportation, harbouring, purchase, and exploitation. This will allow students to better understand how human trafficking works in our world today.


Sex Trafficking: Supply and Demand

Sex Trafficking, as a form of human trafficking, is a world-wide booming industry based on the principles of supply and demand. At present, the industry is thriving because of the serious demand which exists. This image outlines how people who purchase sex, sexual services, or who watch pornography provide the incentive for sex traffickers to make huge profits form the exploitation of women and children today.

supply and demand

 Why do some Men Purchase Sex?

Paragraph: This image allows students a framework to deepen their understanding of why some men purchase sex. It asks students to delve below the surface, exploring the attitudes, values and beliefs of some men and what determines these values, attitudes, and beliefs.



Porn and Sex Trafficking

Pornography and the ease of access for young people to pornography is considered in this image. Students are asked to reflect on the narrative that pornography can shape the behaviour of men. They are asked to deliberate on how pornography distorts our view of positive relationships and the role pornography plays in determining how men and women view each other.

attitudes and beleifes


The Law in Ireland

In 2017, a law criminalising the purchase of sex in the Republic of Ireland was enacted. Frances Fitzgerald, the Minister for Justice and Equality at the time, said that the Act was key to targeting the exploitation of women, including the trafficking of women for the purpose of prostitution. This image outlines the Act and a quote by the Minister.

criminal law in ireland

Nefarious – Reflection

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls is a powerful documentary which delves into the world of sex trafficking and the sex industry. Produced and directed by Benjamin Nolot, founder and president of Exodus Cry, this feature movie exposes the disturbing trends of modern sex slavery. This image highlights a number of different quotes from the movie to allow students to reflect on the documentary.


Production of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

Benjamin Nolot, founder and president Exodus Cry, produced and directed the movie Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. The movie follows Benjamin and his team across nineteen different countries as they uncover the horrors of sex trafficking. This image shows Nolot and his team working on the production and asks students to consider the courage required to make such a powerful documentary and be a voice to the victims of sex trafficking.

nefarious 1

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